X-drive Robots




We at X-drive Robots work tirelessly on designing and producing the most advanced autonomous tool carrier in the world.

We are the industry leader in the field and are proud to announce that we intend to make the world a more greener place, with our energy-saving solutions. The rover is driven 100 % by electric power. 


We are passionate about designing, manufacturing and installing efficient systems. Everything from the design, to the software and testing is done in our own factory or by national development partners.

X-drive Robots enjoy bringing our ideas to life. We are constantly trying out new things and enjoy creating intelligent solutions for all the many automation problems we focus on. 

Our ambitions:

We emphasize on making our products long-lived, low in maintenance, and with full recycling of all parts.


As a modern company, our focus is equally on saving costs and materials in the production,

make the rover easy serviceable, and save as much manpower and energy in the daily operation as possible.


Furthermore is it imperative for us to keep our suppliers local to reduce transportation and support the local working community.


We take pride in being a Danish company, with all the traditions for good craftmanship, intelligent solutions and beautiful design, and stride to maintain these qualities.